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Professional Liability Insurance

INTERSTATE RISK & INSURANCE SERVICES (IRIS) - FCBA members receive rating credits with the IRIS Lawyers Professional Liability Program. The program has developed over the past twenty five years. Albeit under different names, the key personnel within the program have remained a constant, hence the continuation of our Hallmark…Program Stability. Carriers/Programs enter and exit the market with surprising regularity, we do not. The reason we are so stable is that over the years we realize we cannot be all things to all people. Our experience has shown us that delving into classes such as Intellectual Property, Entertainment, SEC and Real Estate Syndication can be hazardous, thereby a detriment to program stability. That said, we will entertain Law Firms that defend such classes; but not, entertain those that activity represent these clients the "front end."

The FCBA now offers members a 5% credit on their Professional Liability Insurance with IRIS. The program includes:

  • A.M. Best “A” rated Carrier
  • Additional Rating Credits to firms whom specialize in a particular field of practice or elect for a higher deductible
  • Access to a toll free “hot-line” that offers guidance/counseling on any legal malpractice-related matters. This aids in indecision on whether to submit a claim to the carrier
  • Online “indications” using your current application. If desired, we will need our own application completed in order to bind. Click here to get started.
For more information,
go to Interstate Risk & Insurance Services Website

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