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Disability Insurance

During the course of your career, you are three and a half times more likely to be injured and need disability coverage than you are to die and need life insurance. And when a disability leaves you unable to work for an extended length of time, you lose the ability to earn an income. If you’re like most, a temporary disability can be manageable. However, a long term disability can cause financial hardship. Disability insurance is designed to transfer the risk and help maintain your standard of living.

As a member of the Fresno County Bar Association, you have access to:

  • The most competitive pricing, including premium discounts of up to 10% specifically designed for the FCBA
    The annual savings will more than pay your annual FCBA dues!
  • The availability of top-rated carriers with years of industry experience
  • "Own Occupation" definition of disability available in most cases
  • Unisex rates and group rates available for multiple policy accounts
  • Comprehensive case analysis for each member

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